Slawek was born in Basses–Silesia (Poland). His parents give him a forename which means celebrity and peace in Slavonic. In Poland He were aches his celebrity by practising over and over, and by accompanying the best musicians of the Polish Blues as Leszek CICHONSKI, one of the big one in the country of vodka, and it is in the west near his wife, for whom he decides to cross borders and to settle down, he will find peace.

His passion for music is endless, so he works like a dog, leaves everything behind him and arrives in France by the age of 24 years with nothing but his guitar and his passion for the Blues music.

Just arrived, he begins to learn how to speak French, then enters the conservatoire and the Faculty of Musicology of Rennes ( Britannia )where he passes successfully his exams. In the meantime he plays in Piano Bars his first compositions. Decided to earn his living and to improve his practises, he organises different bands with which he plays in different places in France.

He also meets the composer Pierrig LE DRÉAU, with whom he records music for children and creates a show which is still nowadays enjoyed by the little ones.

He then decides to record his first album « LA BAIGNOIRE PLEINE D’HISTOIRES » which the song title was written in a bath at 4 o’clock in the morning !!!

From a concert to another one SLAWEK captivates his audience by his own music : a music without frontiers inspired by Texan Blues music plays with a Slav soul and sung in different languages.

Inspired by his log book, his touring, his travels from Wroclaw to Chicago, in passing by Berlin, Istanbul, Lisbon et New York, he goes back to the studios to record his second album « D’EST EN OUEST ».

This album is a new stage in his style which he calls world blues : Twelve songs sing in French, Polish, English and German accompanied by electrical and acoustic music and in different atmospheres .

At present, Slawek has different bands : an acoustic duet, an electric quartet and even a Big Band ( with twelve musicians on stage).

Whatever band he plays with, Slawek meets the audience each time with the same warmth.